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The Rock Trade-In is where you can trade in the rocks you obtain randomly through searching in Legendary Area in exchange for Pokemon. The types of rocks are Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Gray, White, Cyan, and Purple. The Pokemon received depends on the rocks that are traded in, but there is no set combinations. Generally, the more rocks that you blend, the rarer the Pokemon received will be. We shall attempt to make a full list of all the combinations that can be made, and what Pokemon can be received as a result.

  • 20 of any one color: Spoink, 
  • 11 of any one color: DarkMeowth 
  • 50 of any one color: EmeraldSpoink
  • 10 of any two colors: Spoink, 
  • 5 of any three colors: Spoink, DarkMeowth
  • 10 of any three colors: ShinySpoink, RubyMeowth
  • 15 of any three colors: EmeraldSpoink, CrystalMeowth
  • 20 of any three colors: RubySpoink,
  • 30 of any three colors: EmeraldMeowth
  • 50 of any three colors: DarkSpoink
  • 12 gray: RubyMeowth
  • 2000+ of each rock may result in a DarkEntei
  • 100 of two colors each: GoldenMeowth
  • 50 of two colors each: RubySpoink

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