AbbreviationsApophyllite ShardsBanned
Battle AreaBronze ShardsBurned Tower
Capern MinesCboxCopper Shards
Crystal ShardsDON'T JOINDeep Mewtwo's Cave
Deth is iminantDiamond ShardsDistortion World
Elera MinesEmerald ShardsEnigma Island
Entei's TowerEternal GardenFosad
Free StuffFullmoon IslandGalactic Story
God's DreamGold ShardsGreat Volcano
Groudon's PalaceHOW TO GET FREE LUGIA!!Heatran's Mountain
Instant SellingJirachi's ParkJudgement Peak
KladeKyogre's TempleLegendary Areas
Manaphy's HavenMasil MinesMesprit's Lake
MessagingMewtwo's CavernMini-Games
Minigame CenterMining ShopMoon Gaze Mountain
New Legendary AreasNewmoon IslandOlune Mines
Parena MinesPearl ShardsPelia Mines
Platinum ShardsPlushie Level ChartPlushie System
Pokemon MansionPokémon RankingsPrivate Messaging
Read!Referral CenterRegigigas' Domain
Rock Trade inRuby ShardsSapphire Shards
Searching & Capturing PokemonsSilver ShardsSpear Pillar
Tesia MinesThe Wipe (a.k.a Reset)There are banned accounts and the accounts there are banned are most going unbanned
This is the best rpg out thereThunder RuinsToaline Mines
Tpmrpg crashTree of LifeUnofficial teams
Ur fuktWhere to get PokemonZean Mines
File:56 trainer male.pngFile:All the shards.pngFile:Apophylliteshard.png
File:Banned.jpgFile:Banner tpmrpg.pngFile:Bronzeshard.png
File:Copper.pngFile:Coppershard.pngFile:Deep mewtwos cave.png
File:Diamondshard.pngFile:Emeraldshard.pngFile:Enteis tower.png
File:Eternal garden.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Feature.png
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gold.pngFile:Great volcano.png
File:Groudons palace.pngFile:Heatrans mountain.pngFile:Instant Selling.jpg
File:Instantsell.pngFile:Jirachis park.pngFile:Judgment peak.png
File:Klade regular.pngFile:Kyogres temple.pngFile:Lugia's Cave.jpg
File:Manaphys haven.pngFile:Mesprits lake.pngFile:Mewtwos cavern.png
File:MiniGame 1.jpgFile:Miningshop.pngFile:Moon gaze mountain.png
File:My Team.pngFile:Pearlshard.pngFile:Placeholder item.png
File:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.pngFile:Placeholder person.png
File:Regigigassdomain.pngFile:Rock Trade In.jpgFile:Rubyshard.png
File:Silvershard.pngFile:Spear pillar.pngFile:View Forum The Pokémon Moon Pokemon Online Game.png

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