The Battle Area is a place where you can battle NPCs to train, get Badges, and get Prize Pokemon. When you get a Prize Pokemon, no matter what level the Pokemon was when you battled it, it will be level 5.

Prizes obtained in Galactic Story ! (There are a total of 101 battles to be fought).

Legacy Arecus, Legacy Darkrai, Legacy Moltres, Legacy Articuno, Legacy Zapdos, Legacy Missingno, Shadow Arceus, Silver Palkia, Silver Dialga, Shiny Luvdisc, Shiny Bellsprout, Dark HootHoot, Shiny Machop, Shiny Sunflora, Shadow Slakoth, Shadow Scyther, Shadow Murkrow, Shadow Chimecho, Shadow Phione, Golden Buneary, Legacy Suicune, Light Bulbasaur, Light Charmander, Light Squirtle, Legacy Deoxys, Legacy Lucario, Shadow Skitty, Silver Skorupi, Shadow Treecko.

Prizes obtained in the Darkai Story: (there are a total of 55 battles, five of which are impossible to win).

SilverSnubbull, SapphireLuvdisc, ShinyAbra, ShadowVoltorb, ShadowTorchic, GoldenStaryu, ShadowSunkern, GoldenScyther, ShadowGrowlithe, ShadowPichu, CrystalHorsea, ShadowSlugma, ShadowMew, ShinyRegigigias, LightDarkrai

Prizes obtained from World's End story, if you don't go insane half way through the 158 fights:

Fight #4 - SapphirePonyta,

Fight #8 - RubyVenonant,

Fight #11 - Shadow Ghastly,

Fight #13 - Emerald Luvdisc,

Fight #17 - ShadowBagon,

Fight #21 - ShinyDitto,

Fight #29 - ShadowStaryu,

Fight #36 - DarkRhyhorn,

Fight #48 - GoldenTeddiursa,

Fight #54 - RubyMisdreavus,

Fight #61 - ShinyMimeJr,

Fight #70 - CrystalSwablu,

Fight #78 - RubyZangoose,

Fight #85 - GoldenMudkip,

Fight #90 - ShinyMurkrow,

Fight #95 - Ghost,

Fight #98 - SilverRiolu,

Fight #99- DarkGible,

Fight #112 - EmeraldGrowlithe,

Fight #118 - SilverCombee

Fight #126 - LightKangaskhan

Fight #146 - DarkSkorupi

Fight #148 - PrimalGroudon

Fight #149 - PrimalKyogre

Fight #150 - PrimalRayquaza

Fight #156 - XD002

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